Proud Member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors

What is the NACD?

The NACD is the premier, international professional association of chemical distributors and supply chain partners. Comprising nearly 450 members and affiliate companies, the association represents more than 85% of the nation’s chemical distribution capacity. It is a vital organization to countless industries that rely on chemical products for their business, because the NACD enhances the professionalism, innovation, and safety practices of the chemical distribution industry.

Some of the industries that rely on the NACD include:

What does NACD membership mean for Amber Chemical’s Clients?


As a long-standing member of the NACD, Amber Chemical is an active participant in Responsible Distribution, the NACD’s safety enhancement program. This program continuously educates members on new methods to maintain and improve the health, safety, and security of member employees, communities, and the environment. Responsible Distribution also tests members to ensure they continue to meet the strict safety standards of the NACD. This commitment to safety is a benefit to not only Amber Chemical’s workforce, but also for our clients and the communities they call home.


The members of the NACD regularly hold workshops, conferences, and other knowledge sharing events to improve the overall professionalism, efficiency, and productivity of our industry. Clients of Amber Chemical can be sure that every one of our employees is kept abreast of industry best practices and current innovations in the chemical distribution industry. We use this knowledge to reduce costs and distribution times, passing the benefits onto our customers.


Amber Chemical is not an international conglomerate, but a local family-owned business. As such, we cannot fill every possible need of every customer by ourselves. However, with the extensive professional network that the NACD membership provides access to, we have the connections and partners needed to solve virtually any of our clients' problems. Our priority is customer satisfaction, so if we can’t immediately provide everything you need, we have a large support structure to fill any gaps.